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Konica Minolta, a valued ILTPP Vendor Partner, is often only thought of as a copier/printer supplier. Most don’t know the company provides a wide range of services including IT services, Telepresence, Virtual Receptionist Active Panels, and Enterprise Content Management (ECM), a powerful tool for managing information, meeting Compliance regulations, and improving educational results in K-12 school districts.

In PK-12 schools and districts across the country, educators and administrators are challenged by a large and growing volume of documents— files and paper-based information that must be managed, accessed, shared, and retained. ECM is a streamlined, secure solution for managing information throughout your district. Some of the challenges that can be overcome by implementing an ECM system include:

  • Documents everywhere can lead to efficiency nowhere.
  • Lengthy retention periods demand filing cabinets that take up valuable space.
  • Staff time to file, retrieve, copy, and distribute paper documents is better spent on educational activities.
  • Stringent compliance and certification mandates require regular monitoring to ensure that student files, testing forms, staff reports and related materials are in place and up-to-date.
  • Video, audio, and image data are increasingly important, but may not be accommodated by existing storage systems.
  • Declining administration budgets are motivating districts to find ways to work smarter, not just harder.

Konica Minolta’s top-ranked ECM solutions, ILTPP contract products, offer practical, proven benefits to improve the flow of educational information, speed retrieval, control access, and maintain the enhanced security that K-12 districts demand.

  • Manage Content to Improve Efficiency:
    • Streamline educational and administrative workflow by moving content more quickly and efficiently.
    • Speed filing, access, and retrieval of student transcripts, faculty hiring documents, personnel information, payroll, and maintenance records.
    • Manage testing and grading, course materials, lesson plans, and departmental records.
    • Provide mobile access to educational information for educators and administrators district-wide.
  • Improve Compliance, Enhance Security:
    • Strengthen and simplify compliance procedures for HIPAA and FERPA privacy regulations.
    • Protect student confidentiality by storing records in a secure online repository.
    • Improve compliance by replacing paperwork with electronic files and controlling access and retrieval.
  • Control Costs to Stretch District Budgets:
    • Reduce administrative costs associated with handling student records, distributing course materials and managing personnel information.
    • Save space by minimizing or eliminating filing and storage of paper documents.
    • Convert hard-copy documents to cost-effective electronic forms that are easy to update.

All Covered is an E-Rate Provider.

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