Adobe Device Licensing & Creative Cloud 2019

Migration Update for Value Incentive Plan (VIP)

On October 15, 2018, Adobe announced updates to Creative Cloud, called the Creative Cloud 2019 release. These updates provide access to the latest features and services available within the Creative Cloud. Customers with named-user license entitlements can update today.

Creative Cloud 2019 is not available on device-based licenses, so device license customers should not attempt an update at this time. If you or your device license users have already tried to update, the Creative Cloud 2019 apps installed on the machine will run in trial mode. To convert the device back to Creative Cloud 2018, you will need to deactivate the device in the admin console, uninstall all Adobe products and create a new package with the Creative Cloud 2018 applications using the Creative Cloud Packager.

Adobe has been working to provide a new shared device license to our education customers who use Creative Cloud in shared environments, such as labs and classrooms. This will ensure access to new cloud-based apps, as well as Creative Cloud services such as cloud storage, Adobe Fonts, and Portfolio. This new shared device license will be available in Q1 2019, at which point we recommend you update to the latest version of Creative Cloud.

For more information, please review Adobe Lab Licensing migration assets to help IT staff and administrators plan, resource and execute the migration to shared device licensing.

Adobe Device Licensing Migration Workshop recording for K-12 and higher education recording.

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