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Public Consulting Group’s (PCG) web-based progress monitoring tool EDPlan Progress Track provides teachers with simple data collection to proactively facilitate problem-solving, enhance student learning, and improve educational outcomes.

By quantitatively assessing and monitoring progress — parents, teachers, and educators are able to target instruction and proactively impact student achievement. Consistent data collection across schools throughout the district allows administrators to leverage powerful, reliable data to track a student’s progress from elementary to high school.

Simple Data Collection | Proactive Approach

Teachers can begin collecting the Individualized Education Program (IEP) goal data quickly. EDPlan Progress Track algorithmically produces the aim line, trend line, and status of each IEP goal based on data entered. No more graphing and calculating by hand.

The core benefit of EDPlan Progress Track is that it collects data immediately to assist educators with trend analysis, identifying students who are meeting (or not meeting) their IEP goals or objectives before their attainment dates.

Results Driven Accountability

A baseline performance is determined to assist in setting individual goals to improve education results and functional outcomes for all students with disabilities.

With EDPlan Progress Track, teachers are able to analyze the degree to which instruction is improving, overall student outcomes, and the likelihood that a student with a disability will meet the goals set in the IEP. Teachers evaluate the effectiveness of intervention and modify instruction in response to data.

EDPlan Progress Track was developed in conjunction with our clients to provide students, parents, and educators with a software application to access a student’s IEP goals or objectives and document student progress on each one.

The project guidelines were to develop a program that provided:

  • Simple data collection in a user-friendly format
  • A practical measurement approach
  • Graphical reporting to display student progress toward IEP goals
  • The ability to identify additional interventions

Reporting | Consistent Data Collection

Using progress monitoring data, administrators are able to determine if they need to assist their teachers by offering alternative methods and/or approaches to achieve student success. Additionally, administrators can analyze their special education student population achievements and areas of concern district-wide, by the school, by groups of students, and by the teacher.

Reporting is the foundation of EDPlan Progress Track. Educators will have instant access to real-time data and graphs. Each graph is based on consistently collected data, with aim lines, scores, trends, and level of mastery that help educators tell the story of the student’s progress toward their IEP goals.

The EDPlan Progress Track Difference

  • Simple data collection
  • Practical measurement approach
  • Facilitates problem-solving
  • Algorithmically built trend line against the aim line
  • Graph real-time data and visually analyze it
  • Shows progress and trends for the student, groups of students, schools, and district-wide
  • Reporting capabilities at the student, teacher, school, and district level


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Sarah Holland, EDPlan Illinois Representative


In the sample graph above, each circle is an instructional data point based on student responses in each data collection session. When the student’s session responses became erratic, the data prompted the teacher to make an instructional change in order to increase this student’s achievement and thus, have a better chance of mastering the goal. After the instructional change occurred, over time, the student responses improved.

Public Consulting Group

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PCG’s  education team is committed to helping schools, school districts, and state education agencies strengthen their performance, streamline their operations, and improve their programs and instruction—so that all students have what they need to succeed.

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