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ClickView is an educational video platform specializing in short, high-quality K-12 video resources. As both a producer and curation platform, ClickView makes it easy for teachers to find and share video that engages students in a format they understand. The ClickView platform also lets teachers transform videos – including their own – into interactive quizzes with formative assessment tools to show evidence of learning and engagement.

Contract Highlights:

  • Premium, recently produced, curriculum-mapped video for all grades and subjects.
  • Access to thousands of original ClickView videos from the award-winning ClickView production studio.
  • Expertly produced interactive quizzes, lesson guides, and worksheets to build context around each video.
  • Analytics dashboards show teachers exactly where students skip, watch, and re-watch content while mapping engagement against formative assessment data.
  • Unlimited video hosting for teachers, schools, and districts with custom library tools.


Contact your dedicated Account Manager:

Heather Schrader
Senior Business Development Manager – U.S. Market

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ClickView Resources

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ClickView has been a major producer of short-form educational video for over 20 years and has won multiple awards for the quality of its content. Every video is designed to achieve a classroom learning outcome, balancing engagement, learning, and student cognition.

ClickView also curates and licenses content from select 3rd party producers to offer a library defined by its quality and academic rigor.

While ClickView provides content for all grades and core academic disciplines, the library also covers the following topics:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Social emotional learning
  • Teacher professional development
  • World languages
  • Digital citizenship

Interactive Video & Analytics

ClickView’s interactive video builder lets teachers overlay six different types of formative assessment objects onto any video:

  • Multiple choice
  • True or false
  • Free-form response
  • Missing word
  • Teacher annotation
  • Visual cue

Teachers can also pick from ready-made interactive video quizzes produced by ClickView’s team of consultants. Once shared, live dashboards show teachers exactly where students skip, watch, and re-watch content.

Unlimited Hosting

ClickView offers unlimited video hosting for individual teachers, schools, and districts. Once uploaded, teachers can transform their videos into interactive lessons, organize them into playlists, and share them with colleagues.

Academic Standards

Every video in ClickView is mapped to the Illinois academic standards, with changes to standards being reflected in the library within one month. Teachers can instantly see how each video maps to their curriculum before sharing it with their students.