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Microsoft Updates ILTPP Contract to Include Imagine Academy

The Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program (ILTPP) is excited to announce recent changes to our ongoing Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) Microsoft contract. These changes will provide ready-to-use curriculum materials via the robust Microsoft Imagine Academy.

In an effort to provide access to the top-quality technology teaching materials, Microsoft has made Microsoft Imagine Academy FREE to all participants of ILTPP’s EES contract. Imagine Academy’s curricular materials cover a wide range of subjects, including computer and data science to IT infrastructure and productivity.

In the past, Imagine Academy was offered to schools looking to get Level B pricing on their EES contract. Now, if you purchase Microsoft 365 for Education A3 in addition to one unit of Azure Prepayment, you will still receive Level B pricing. Azure Prepayment continues to provide access to the Azure port, which in turn can help you set-up virtual servers, server backups, virtual desktops, and more.

If you are new to Azure and looking for some training, then you can learn more about Azure’s fundamentals and core concepts here. Those looking for education-specific training can also participate in Microsoft’s “Getting Started with Azure for Education” course.

Current Imagine Academy users should expect no changes in terms of logging in and accessing their existing resources. Once a new EES contract is signed, new users will receive a welcome letter with instructions for setting up an account and logging in for the first time. You can find more information on this process and answers to a variety of other program-related questions here.

Contact your dedicated Account Manager:

Justin Libis
Account Executive

John Buttita
Sales Manager

Christine McConnell
Senior Account Manager

SHI International Corp.
Kyle Thomas
SMSLED Manager

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Google Chrome Education Upgrade – Savings with ILTPP

This last year, Google announced that an increase to the Chrome Education Upgrade pricing would be coming. Thankfully, the increase was delayed until March 9, 2021 to help relieve any further constraint on schools and businesses impacted by COVID.

Most school districts buy Chromebooks and additional hardware or software towards the end of the school year. This allows them to deploy them over the summer break. Schools typically do not budget for a price increase, such as this, during the early months of the calendar year. However, the Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program (ILTPP) can help by providing pre-negotiated discounts with Google partners.

What’s Changing?

Chrome Education Upgrade pricing of $30 will be increasing to $38 per device license. While ILTPP members were already saving considerably on these licenses, this also means contract pricing will rise.

The $8 price increase is due to extending the Auto Update Expiration (AUE) policy from 6.5 years to 8 years. This allows Google to have many more features such as enhanced management capabilities, improved OS management, and tighter access restriction settings. There will also be additional rollouts of new productivity and collaboration updates being made in the near future.

If your school or district would like to purchase Chrome Education Upgrade licensing for the next school year, contact an ILTPP partner before March. Explore these partner agreements and mention ILTPP to ensure the lowest pricing available.

Contact your dedicated Account Manager:

John Buttita
Sales Manager

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Howard Technology Solutions
Joe Leppert
Senior Field Sales Representative
(312) 448-1314

Erin Miller
Inside Sales Manager, K-12 Education
(601) 399-5720

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Kyle Thomas
SM SLED Manager

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ITsavvy Expands Contract, Providing Discounts on Full Offerings

ITsavvy and the Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program (ILTPP) have partnered to upgrade the ILTPP contract to now provide members full offerings under the agreement. This includes Chromebooks, computers, laptops, internet services, printers, security camera systems, software, and more!

ITsavvy built its reputation as a value-added reseller with industry-leading product availability, project management, client support and logistics. The company was co-founded as B2B Computer Products in 2004 by Mike Theriault, now the CEO and President, and Chris Kurpeikis, now the Executive Vice President. In 2012 they rebranded the company as ITsavvy to reflect our growing expertise in Security Solutions, Engineered Solutions, Cloud Solutions, Managed Services, and Unified Communications.

In 2014 ITsavvy made a significant investment in IT products operation with the launch of an e-commerce site that streamlines the purchasing process. ITsavvy can ship from 46 warehouses across the continental US, with 99% of all orders being processed and shipped same day. The company offers a full range of products (over $8 billion in daily inventory) with over 1,000 brand names. In the past three years, they have made key acquisitions that have significantly enhanced engineering capabilities and industry leadership in security, cloud solutions, data center management, IT lifecycle management, help desk, managed network, managed print and unified communications. In 2015, ITsavvy expanded their Tier-3 Illinois and New Jersey data centers along with the New York Managed NOC center for state-of-the-art data security and network management.

Contact your dedicated Account Manager:

Matthew Butler
Client Executive Public Sector

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ILTPP’s Webcam Shortage Solutions

The Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program (ILTPP) has received notices of limited quantity and price increases on webcams. This is an industry-wide supply issue and is not limited to ILTPP vendor partners. For more information on availability, please contact your vendor-specific dedicated account managers or view more below.

The Good News!

We have been in contact with our vendor partners and have compiled a list of webcams and discounts currently available. Login or become a member to view the list:

An ILTPP Update: Industry-Wide Chromebook Shortage

The Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program (ILTPP) has received notices of extensive lead times on Chromebook orders from a number of our vendor partners. Districts ordering Chromebooks at this time will most likely not receive the devices in time for the start of the school year. This is an industry-wide supply shortage and is not limited to ILTPP vendor partners. For more information on lead times, please contact your vendor-specific dedicated account managers.

ByteSpeed Adds Discounted Cradlepoint Pricing to ILTPP Agreement

ByteSpeed has recently announced a new partnership with Cradlepoint, adding a diverse offering of LTE and 5G solutions. With this addition, the Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program (ILTPP) agreement grows to include Chromebooks, desktops, interactive flat panels, VR, servers, professional development, esports solutions, and internet services. The current ByteSpeed contract available to ILTPP members provides substantial discounts, allowing for districts to adopt these technologies seamlessly.

About Cradlepoint

Cradlepoint’s cloud-based mobile router solutions are secure and easy to manage with zero-touch deployment, cloud management, and the ability to work with all major cell carriers. These routers are much more efficient than a traditional hotspot and can easily support multiple students in the same home. In addition to Cradlepoint’s home router option, they also have a robust solution for buses.

What’s Under Contract?

  • Industry-leading warranties, including 4-year Accidental Damage Protection on Chromebooks, with unlimited claims
  • Pre-wired Chromebook carts
  • Free lifetime tech support
  • Free on-site parts closet for instant access to warranty replacement parts
  • Free shipping
  • Free imaging
  • Free asset tagging and asset tag in BIOS
  • Free custom bulk packaging
  • White glove service
  • Customization options
  • Risk-free evaluations
  • Free descriptive labeling
  • Free spreadsheets of MAC addresses and ByteSpeed serial numbers
  • Free automated OS naming
  • Free image recovery flash drive
  • Flexible split / delayed shipments
  • Flexible billing options
  • In-house repair service
  • Dedicated account manager

For details on products/services that fall under the ILTPP contract, please contact your dedicated account managerDon’t forget to mention ILTPP or contract ILTPP-19BS02!

Contact your dedicated Account Manager:

Brian Hoots
Account Manager

Learn More About ByteSpeed

ILTPP Partner Thermal Screening & PPE Solutions

*Last updated 07/14/2020

Thermal screening solutions are becoming an essential precaution for this fall school year. As the Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program (ILTPP) began receiving inquiries from members, we took the time to identify and share products and solutions available within our current vendor partner offerings.

Protect your students and staff by implementing some form of thermal screening within your schools. Always mention ILTPP when requesting a quote or making an order.

Let Us Do the Work For You

Tell us a little about what you’re looking for and a dedicated ILTPP team member will request and compile the most competitive quotes available under contract. This is a free service to all Illinois educational entities!

Contactless Thermal Solutions

We Get Returning to Work & School Safety

CDW-G is providing ILTPP members technology solutions that streamline your safety protocols. These include thermal screening, sanitizing, occupancy counting, social distancing, and contract tracing technologies. Contract # ILTPP AEPA-018A

Thermal Kiosks <15″
POS Kiosks 15″ & Larger
4% off advertised price
Thermal Cameras & Assemblies2.75% off advertised price
Panel/Shield Barriers5.25% off advertised price
Thermal Kiosks 15″ & Larger
Signage Kiosks 34″ & Smaller
Signage Kiosks 35″ & Larger
3.50% off advertised price

Contact your dedicated Account Manager: John Buttita, Sales Manager, (877) 325-3380,

Temperature Screening Kiosks and Packages

Howard Technology Solutions carries a robust variety of temperature metal detectors, packaged kiosk screening solutions, and other PPE solutions. Significant discounts are exclusively available to ILTPP members. Contract # ILTPP-19HTS01

Temperature Screening Camera SeriesContact for pricing.
HikVision Thermographic Cameras$4,713* + Shipping
*Pricing same for all 3 cameras.
Temperature Detection Kiosk PackagesContact for pricing.
ArrivScan Temperature Detecting A4 Kiosk Contact for pricing.
RevScan Flash Temperature Detecting KioskContact for pricing.
HikVision Temperature Screening SolutionContact for pricing.
HikVision Temperature Measurement Walkthrough Measurement DetectorContact for pricing.
Facial Recognition & Temperature Measurement Access ControlContact for pricing.
Howard Acrylic Health Shields$200-$227 + Shipping

Contact your dedicated Account Manager: Joe Leppert, Senior Field Sales Representative, (312) 448-1314,

Elevated Body Temperature Check Devices for Schools

Let JourneyEd help you navigate the major factors you need to consider before you make a decision to purchase an elevated body temperature detection system. Contract # ILTPP-18J08

Feevr AI Temperature DetectionContact for pricing.
Elevated Body Temperature Devices for SchoolsContact for pricing.

Contact your dedicated Account Manager: Christine McConnell, Senior Account Manager, (636) 349-7058,

Your Ultimate Guide for Returning to Work Today and Planning for Tomorrow

Konica Minolta is providing the essential steps to consider to implement to ensure statutory complaint processes, secure data management, employee well being, and uninterrupted operations. Contract # AEPA 017-B

The Comprehensive, End-to End Return to Work SolutionReach out to one of your dedicated account managers. *Step 2 is not covered under the current ILTPP agreement.
Mobotix M16DReach out to one of your dedicated account managers. *This product is not covered under the current ILTPP agreement.
Additional Information on MobotixKonica Minolta Answers ILTPP Member Questions on Mobotix
The Importance of Cyber Security in Video Surveillance Systems

Contact your dedicated Account Managers:

Aaron Ott, Government Accounts Manager, (314) 960-2884,

Jason Bradshaw, Government Accounts Manager, (402) 250-7545,

Jason Sullivan, VP of Sales – Central Region, (636) 368-4301,

Personal Management Kiosks to Check-In Students and Staff Upon Entry

With custom sizes and configurations available, can provide your district with a thermal, programmable facial identification kiosk or camera. Contract # AEPA 019-E

Meridian Personal Management KioskContact for pricing.
HikVision DeepinView Outdoor Thermal CamerasContact for pricing.

Contact your dedicated Account Manager: Sarah Sherman, Sales Operations Manager, (847) 876-4318,

Additional Discounted PPE Offerings

VendorProductPrice/DiscountContract #
Midwest Technology ProductsHand Sanitizer Set10% discount + Free shippingAEPA IFB-018.5-B
National Business FurnitureReturn to Work EssentialsContact for pricing. Use Promo Code CHEERS10 until 07/31 for additional 10% discount.AEPA IFB-018D
School SpecialtyPrepare & Protect Products35% discount + 1% Rebate + Free shipping on orders over $49AEPA-IFB019-E
SHIEssential Items for Re-Opening5-10% Discount. Contact for pricing.

What the Kajeet Agreement Extension Means for ILTPP Members

Discounted Connectivity – Closing the Digital Divide

With the high demand for wireless connectivity accessible to students, Kajeet has dedicated itself to providing safe, filtered, off-campus mobile connectivity at high production. Kajeet is a robust wireless service provider available for schools and districts across America. Meeting the requirements of the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), Kajeet provides data services for coverage in most areas through Verizon and Sprint.

Reaching students where they are is how Kajeet is supporting ILTPP member districts’ remote learning needs. By assisting ILTPP members with identifying which service provider will best suit their district’s unique connectivity needs, Kajeet is working to end the digital divide in Illinois.

The current Kajeet contract available to ILTPP members provides substantial discounts, including a 23-62 percent discount on SmartSpot® mobile devices and a 25-47 percent discount on Education Broadband™ data services! This agreement has been extended for another year.

What’s Under Contract?

  • Telecom Accessories
  • Auxiliary Services
  • Chromebook Equipment
  • Chromebook Add-Ons
  • Telecom Equipment
  • SmartBus Add-Ons
  • Software Licenses
  • Telecom Services

For details on products/services that fall under the above categories, please contact your dedicated account manager. Don’t forget to mention ILTPP or contract 16.15-EBD-ILTPP!

To explore additional pricing, consider our CDW’G full catalog contract; ILTPP AEPA-018A.

Contact your dedicated Account Manager:

Julie Collett
Business Development Executive

Learn More About Kajeet

John Buttita
Sales Manager

Learn More About CDW-G

Requesting a Quote or Making an Order? Always Mention ILTPP!

Is your school or district looking to make an educational technology purchase for the 2020-2021 school year? Going 1:1? Renewing software licensing? Or simply upgrading your STEM lab? The Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program (ILTPP) can assist you in saving time and money with all educational technology purchases.

Who is ILTPP?

ILTPP is a statewide cooperative of Illinois educational entities that aggregate buying power and expertise to procure technology products and services from quality vendor partners while providing valued communication and collaboration. We are an initiative of the Learning Technology Center (LTC) and contribute to the LTC’s mission of building statewide capacity for educational change through technology-related professional learning, programs, initiatives, and support.

ILTPP is an Illinois Chief Procurement Office Approved Cooperative/Consortium.

Contract savings with numerous vendors & manufacturers.

Through member-driven efforts, ILTPP signs contracts with top educational technology vendors for the utilization of schools, districts, cooperatives, municipalities, government and state agencies, as well as libraries. With almost 50 contracts, ILTPP provides its members with a wide array of manufacturer and vendor discounts.

Always identify yourself as an ILTPP member.

Each contract is free to utilize for the duration of the agreement. For hassle-free savings, always identify yourself as an ILTPP member. This applies to discussing savings with a vendor, requesting a quote, or placing an order.

Reference a contract number for extra security.

Reference an ILTPP contract number with a vendor to ensure you are getting the most competitive pricing. This is found on each vendor’s dedicated contract page, under ‘Ordering Info’.

To compare pricing across multiple contracts, ILTPP provides two options:

  1. Begin your free membership and login. Once logged in, you can find each contract’s distinctive pricing directly below the contract link under ‘Ordering Info’.
  2. Complete our Quote Request Form. Click the ‘Quote Request’ button in the top right of the ILTPP website and complete the form with as much information as you can provide us. Select which vendor partners you would like for us to contact to compare pricing. Please allow for 2-4 business days to receive a completed quote package with the most competitive prices provided. This is a free service!

Get to know us!

We make the greatest effort to engage with our members and get to know their unique needs. ILTPP attends many education conferences throughout the year, including IETC, IDEA, IPA, IASBO, and AISLE. If you see us, come on by the booth and let us know how we can help. For the latest updates, events, and other timely educational technology news, connect with us by signing up for our newsletter or giving us a follow!

Showcase Day 2: On-Demand Recordings & Resources

On March 19, ILTPP hosted its final day of the 2020 ILTPP Showcase: Gone Virtual. From 11 am to 2 pm, four ILTPP vendor partners with Mobile Device Management offerings presented how to leverage their MDM services!

With separate, 40-minute breakout rooms, ILTPP members were given the freedom to join the sessions they were most interested in. Below, you can find each vendor’s recorded session and linked resources:

11:00 – 11:40 // MDM: What Is It and Why You Need It

As school-owned devices and BYOD continue to grow, you have to be ready to give access to your terms. That means you have to give but limit what kids can access on their devices. Compromise a little and you and the district could be in hot water. It’s not just the kids that need some boundaries, it’s the teachers and staff too; no matter how they use their devices.
Building an Effective Mobile Policy Whitepaper

11:45 – 12:25 // Intune for Education & FastTrack

The improved Intune for Education is a cloud-based service that delivers easy setup and control of Windows 10 apps and devices in the classroom. Microsoft’s cloud technologies can be deployed alongside or integrate easily with your existing infrastructure. FastTrack helps customers deploy Microsoft cloud solutions. Customers with eligible subscriptions to Microsoft 365, Azure, or Dynamics 365 can use FastTrack at no additional cost for the life of their subscription.
FastTrack Resources

12:30 – 1:10 // Maximizing MDM for your School with All Covered

Konica Minolta’s enterprise mobility management solutions enhance productivity, whether you’re sharing and collaborating on projects, extending business processes, optimizing and automating workflows or printing remotely.
• The challenges schools face with BYOD/1:1 Programs + 5 steps to protecting your school technology systems.
• What does a good MDM deployment look like?
• Is outsourcing the management of MDM viable?
All Covered Video

1:15 – 1:55 // What Jamf Can Do for You; Small Schools – Large Districts

Whether you’re offering a 1:1 iPad initiative, shared-device model, or searching for an alternative to pen and paper, Jamf has you covered with two options:
• Jamf School is ideal for teachers or instructional technologists managing devices from the classroom.
• For IT directors, managers, or admins looking to procure advanced management and customizable product environment, Jamf Pro is a natural fit.
The ABC’s of Apple Classroom Management

Once again, ILTPP would like to thank our members and partners for the continued flexibility and support at this time. The 2020 ILTPP Showcase couldn’t have happened without you all; you drive our program.

We’re planning the 2021 ILTPP Showcase! Let us know what you’d like to see.