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Managing SOPPA and Maintaining Innovative Practices

A webinar for ILTPP members and Illinois K-12 Technology Staff.

As we all near the end of 2020, it’s time to think about what lies ahead for 2021. The Illinois student data privacy law known as SOPPA will be going into effect on July 1, 2021. Many districts are already beginning to prepare!

Join LearnPlatform for an interactive session to hear from Illinois edtech expert, Rob Residori on:

  • What you need to know about SOPPA.
  • How your district can prepare for July 1, 2021.
  • Real-life examples of Illinois districts excelling with data privacy compliance.
  • Examples of Illinois districts currently using LearnPlatform to promote data privacy compliance and communicate safety easily.

SPEAKER Rob Residori, Director of Regional Partnerships

ILTPP has recently signed a new contract with LearnPlatform, providing ILTPP members discounted pricing on a top software-as-a-service and research-based solution.

Contact your dedicated Account Manager:

Districts >5,000 Students
Rob Residori
Director of Partnerships
(773) 273-9419

Districts <5,000 Students
Hillary Simons
District Analyst
(860) 933-4091

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Empowering the Defender #EndpointSecurity

Please join ITsavvy and Cybereason for a webinar covering how the Cybereason operations centric approach to endpoint security is empowering district defenders more than ever on Tuesday, December 8th at 11 a.m. CT. By outperforming other cyber solutions on the market, Cybereason can provide your school or district a unified security approach to enable the ability to correlate threat activity across the entire network to protect every endpoint, fixed or mobile.

This event is specific to ILTPP members and Illinois K-12 Technology Leaders.

ILTPP has recently extended its contract with ITsavvy to a full catalog, direct agreement. This is to provide members unlimited access to savings across all ITsavvy offerings. Read more below!

Contact your dedicated Account Manager:

Matthew Butler
Client Executive Public Sector

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ILTPP & Partners Exhibiting at #IETC2020 This November

The Illinois Education and Technology Conference (IETC) is facilitating an immersive and engaging virtual experience for Illinois educators, IT staff, and administrators. This year’s conference will still focus on technology integration strategies, engaging instructional practices, digital tools and resources, and emerging trends.

ILTPP will be exhibiting this year, in addition to a number of our valued vendor partners:

Join us at this #IETC2020 to learn, explore, and connect with innovative edtech providers! Don’t forget to mention ILTPP or ask about how to save with ILTPP when speaking with one of our partners.

Professional Development to Reinvigorate Teaching and Learning

School Specialty offers a variety of Professional Development opportunities to help you implement new programs, engage students, and reinvigorate teaching and learning in the classrooms.

Education is a constantly evolving field. Staying on top of the latest techniques and teaching styles can be tough – especially for teachers tasked with demanding workloads. That’s why School Specialty offers such a wide variety of professional development courses.

These courses take the burden off teachers and help meet district requirements by offering three convenient options: in person, live webinars, and on-demand. Taught by authors, Teachers of the Year, and experts within their fields, School Specialty’s extensive range of workshops provides practical tips and inspiration designed to reinvigorate teachers and help them engage students.

Featured Courses

None of the Bidding. All of the Saving.

In addition, School Specialty has extended its Spring special buy until May 31st! ILTPP members can receive an ADDITIONAL 10% off their supply orders. This is in addition to the 35% off list price ILTPP members already receive, simply by mentioning ‘ILTPP’. Learn more details here!

Contact your dedicated Account Manager:

Belkys Quintana
Director of Business Development

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May 5-6 – Virtual Dude University 2020

Dude Solutions is a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider of operations management solutions to education, government, healthcare, senior living, manufacturing, and membership-based organizations. For nearly two decades, the company has inspired clients to create better work and better lives. Dude Solutions combines innovative, user-friendly technology with the world’s smartest operations engine, empowering operations leaders to transform the most important places in our lives.

Dude is excited to share it will be holding a free virtual Dude University May 5 and 6! While the annual in-person conference is canceled, the company is committed to supporting its clients by offering much of the same great training, industry best practices, and information about what new and exciting solutions are coming soon from The Dude. This virtual conference will be seamlessly offered online with sessions held from 12 to 4 PM CT both days.

Sessions Include:

  • Product training for beginners to more experienced users on Asset Essentials™, MaintenanceDirect™ and MaintenaceEdge™, Energy Manager™ and SmartGov™
  • Industry Connects to share client success stories, how to best use your current Dude products during COVID-19 and what new value-add solutions are planned for the upcoming release from The Dude
  • Live client panel where you can learn more about how your peers are navigating through COVID-19, their current pain points and how they’re creatively solving for what happens next
  • Best practice sessions on using data and analytics, how to motivate your team, how to stretch the life of your assets, and more
  • What’s ahead on the product roadmap, including new value-add solutions planned for the upcoming release from The Dude and the newest member of the Dude family, Assetic

Contact your dedicated Account Manager:

John White
Senior Sales Manager

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Remote, Digital Educational Program for Individuals with Cognitive Related Disabilities

Join the Illinois Learning Technology Purchasing Program (ILTPP) for this webinar through its partnership with TechXtend and Avail Support to discuss remote in-home educational program for students with special needs.

Avail Support is a proven provider of digital learning and remote support programs for individuals with special needs.

To address these current challenges and most importantly, to continue the learning, growth and improvement of those most at risk, we are currently offering a unique opportunity for schools and districts to provide evidence-based, research-informed and results-proven learning.

As educators with extensive Special Education experience we are utilizing everyday technology to support schools, teachers, parents and their students. As a trusted partner, we welcome the opportunity to share our program, ease of use, and the results experienced by so many.

During this webinar, participants will be provided with:

  • An overview of how a digital program- Avail® can provide remote and inclusive educational needs of those with Autism and other cognitive related disabilities supported using video conferencing.
  • Sharing of personalized educational content to teach and measure functional and employment-related goals.
  • An example of how schools and districts can deliver remote education plans during social distancing, supporting students to continue to meet individual goals.

Contact your dedicated Account Manager:

Kevin Askew
Vice President & General Manager
800-441-1511 x7246

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SHI & Microsoft Fall Webinar Series

Having the Right Information at the Right Time is Critical

SHI and Microsoft have been collaborating for over a decade on various webinar series events, providing thousands of procurement and IT professionals with the product and licensing options they need to support their end users. Check out these 8 webinars featured in the SHI and Microsoft Fall Webinar Series!

Webinar Recordings will be available after each webinar concludes.

Microsoft 365: Tenant Consolidation and Security Best Practices

You’ve acquired a company now what? Learn the ins and outs of consolidating Office 365 tenants when an acquisition happens and how to secure your Office 365 tenant after the acquisition.

Maximize Your Microsoft Teams Investment

If you have purchased, or plan to purchase Microsoft Teams, make sure your organization understands how to maximize Team’s full set of capabilities. Join SHI’s end-user solutions team for a discussion on the platform’s key features and best practices.

SHI – Your Best Choice for Microsoft’s CSP Program

Learn about the benefits customers are seeing when they choose to purchase their Microsoft licensing through the CSP Program and why SHI is the right Microsoft CSP provider for your organization.

Modernize Your Data Management While Maintaining Governance and Compliance

Learn how your organization can deliver IT services safely and reliably through modern data management and protection. This webinar will discuss backup and restore scenarios – both on-premises and in the cloud. Keep up with rapid data growth, automate data management policies, and control costs.

Securing Your Business in the Cloud

Having an effective cloud strategy is a competitive advantage, but protecting data in the cloud can be complicated. Join SHI as they discuss best practices for achieving and maintaining a secure cloud architecture. Learn how to ensure security in Microsoft cloud environments with controls and services across identity, data, networking, and apps.

Optimize and Protect Your Microsoft Environment with Commvault Cloud Storage/Backup on Azure

Drive efficiency, effectiveness, cost savings and compliance for your business with Commvault’s single data management platform and common toolset for Azure and Azure Stack.

Microsoft Surface Family

Microsoft Surface was designed to be the most productive of Microsoft’s devices, featuring all the versatility, ports, apps and security features you need. Join SHI’s webinar to discover the power behind these devices and hear about current promotions that let you take advantage of everything Surface has to offer.

Windows Desktop as a Service and Windows 7 End of Support

Device as a Service (DaaS) provides customers with access to the latest end-user computing devices bundled with licensing software for an all-inclusive managed service to help organizations meet their ever-changing technology needs. During this webinar, Microsoft will also talk about Windows 7 EOS, which will end on January 14, 2020.

Learn more about Microsoft products, licensing programs and the services SHI offers to support your Microsoft investments.

Coffee’s On ENA This Month!

ILTPP and Education Networks of America (ENA), a leading provider of technology solutions to education communities, are excited to announce a new, FREE webinar series around cloud computing, IT security, and video conferencing.

ENA began with a vision to provide Internet access to every school in Tennessee. The company has made that vision a reality by creating the first statewide K-12 network in the nation. Today, that vision has been greatly expanded, and ENA now delivers high-capacity and future-ready connectivity, communication, cloud, security, and software services to K-12 schools, higher education institutions, and libraries across the nation. Join in one of these upcoming sessions to begin learning more about how ENA can help your school and have a free cup of coffee! Gift cards are limited to one per person.

Leverage the Cloud to Its Full Potential

Many districts are using cloud software tools for their email, learning solutions, and productivity tools. Those are great uses, but school districts have just begun to scratch the surface in terms of cloud computing and how it can be used to revolutionize their data and network security platforms. There are great benefits to moving to the cloud. During this session, ENA will outline the various ways the cloud can be used to cut costs, mitigate the impact of detrimental cyberattacks, and streamline operations. Learn how you can leverage the cloud for backups, storage, and access. ENA will also highlight cloud-based data analytics tools that can provide greater visibility into student device and learning application usage.

August 19, 2019
August 20, 2019

The Impact of Cyberattacks and How ENA’s Security Solutions Can Help Keep You Safe

As the size and scope of your network continues to grow, attacks from cyber criminals are exponentially on the rise. Short-handed IT staffs, an escalating number of interconnected devices, and the value of student data on the dark market make education a uniquely vulnerable and targeted industry for hackers. During this webinar, ENA will cover top cybersecurity threats and discuss why school districts need to consider integrating ENA’s unified threat management, DDoS mitigation, and security assessment services into their multi-pronged security approach.

August 27, 2019
August 28, 2019

Getting Started with Zoom

Ready to start using Zoom, but need some help? Drop-in with a Zoom expert who will take you through a high-level tour of Zoom and cover the basics to get you up and running. It’s as simple as logging in, scheduling a meeting, and finding the controls. Start Zooming today! Stick around to get all your burning questions answered through live Q&A!

September 5, 2019

Contact your dedicated Account Manager:

Fred Cuthbert
Senior Account Service Manager

The Conrad Challenge: The Ultimate STEM Competition


The 2019 – 2020 Conrad Challenge ignites science and technology dreams within students by utilizing a student-driven, project-based approach. This allows them to create unique, innovative solutions to real-world challenges. Who better to shape our future than eager students looking to improve the world they live in today?

With scholarship opportunities and an impressive competition, students between the ages of 13 and 18 have the chance to learn new ways to shape both the world we live in today, and the forseeable future. Teachers and industry experts volunteer to assist the students with the competition, creating a platform for science and technology solutions to global problems!

The Conrad Challenge allows students to develop workforce skills applicable to personal growth and ongoing global hurdles. This STEM competition’s sole mission is to change the world, while sparking science and technology ambitions within today’s young adults.

“With the right opportunity, students can actually change the way learning happens in schools, right here and right now.”
– Nancy Conrad, Founder and Chairman Conrad Foundation


Step 1: Gather Your Team! Students (ages 13-18) form teams of 2-5 participants, with a coach (age 18 or older) who supports them along the way. Teams may consist of students from the same or different schools, as well as students from across the world.

Step 2: Review the Categories: Aerospace & Aviation, Cyber-Technology & Security, Energy & Environment, and Health & Nutrition. Unique challenges are still being finalized with our sponsors and details will be distributed soon. Read more about the categories here.

Step 3: Start Brainstorming! It’s never too soon to start learning and researching global issues in each chosen category. Then, start your team collaboration to invent a product or service that helps address this challenge!


The competition is now open and will run through October 31, 2019! TWO scholarship winners will receive $5,000 each for the best proposals submitted. The winners will be announced on December 1.

Applicants submit their proposals by answering a short list of questions. The total proposal must be concisely stated in 5,000 characters or less, which is about 700 words.

The Power of Surface in 1:1 Learning

See how Surface can transform your classroom with this On-Demand Webinar from Microsoft.

The versatile Surface device allows for adaptable teaching moments that empower individual teaching and learning experiences.

Surface offers students the most natural experience while transitioning seamlessly between an analog and digital world, eliminating traditional barriers that impact technology’s effectiveness in the classroom. It saves teachers instructional time and can replace multiple single-use devices. The two link in the pedagogy: The mix of intuitive handwriting input capability and computing functionality improve student learning outcomes and expand digital literacy for the next generation.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How the three modes of Surface support student-centered learning.
  • Ways teachers can save instructional time in the classroom with Surface + Microsoft Office 365.
  • How Surface supports inclusion in the classroom.

See the power of Surface in action, in the classroom.

Contact your dedicated Account Manager:

Justin Libis
Account Executive