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At FireFly Computers, K-12 classroom technology is the one and only focus. FireFly specializes in helping you be less busy, so you can focus on the things that matter most. From fast, easy Chromebook and laptop deployments to pre-wired carts and cabinets to simplified repair and warranty support options, FireFly is raising the bar on what a true technology partner can do to make deploying, managing, and maintaining your school technology a breeze.

Whether it’s reducing costs, saving time, or simplifying a process, FireFly’s innovations are a win-win for you and your budget. In addition to the benefits of purchasing, FireFly shares weekly blogs that will inform and engage you in educational technology questions you didn’t even realize you were seeking the answers for! See a few highlights below and be sure to mention ILTPP or reference contract number 20180303 when speaking with a representative.

“Why do my students still not have Chromebooks?”

“So what are the next few months going to look like when it comes to buying Chromebooks? Manufacturers are trying to get caught up on the backlog, but at this point, it’s a monumental task. HP and Lenovo would each have to ship an average of 250K – 300k devices per week just to get caught up on the current backlog by Christmas.

Still, at least some hope is in sight. Chromebook manufacturers have been able to ramp up production little-by-little, and starting in late October or early November, we believe we’ll be able to start fulfilling the majority of our backlogged orders. Please do not take that as a commitment or a guarantee, it’s just our best guess based on what we’ve been hearing.”

Tech Essentials for Teaching in the New Normal

FireFly sat down with some of its favorite partners at HP and GoGuardian to talk about setting teachers up for success in distance and hybrid learning with tech essentials for teaching in the new normal.

Zoom Calls on Chromebooks Just Got a LOT Better!

“Up until now, Chromebooks and video chatting simply didn’t mix well. Conferencing tools ate up more CPU than such devices could handle. Thankfully, for the 30+ million students and educators using Chromebooks, video calls are being brought up to snuff with a series of updates from Zoom and Google!”

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The New CTL Chromebooks & Chromebox Have Arrived

In the October edition of the CTL monthly catalog, the launch of the company’s newest devices was announced, including the CTL Chromebox CBx2 series and X3200 Monitor!

CTL’s updated Chromebox models come in two varieties with different processor and storage options depending on your needs. These devices pair perfectly with the all-new 32” X3200 monitor. With crisp QHD graphics, you will definitely want this display for your workspace. Grab yours today and browse the rest of the catalog for more news like why CTL is experiencing record-high demand!

CTL Launches New Chromebox CBx2 Series

The CTL Chromebox CBx2 series is a highly-anticipated upgrade from the Chromebox CBx1 versions. Users have more capabilities and functionality with higher-powered processors and more storage options. Explore more and ramp up productivity with two new additions to CTL’s line of Chromeboxes. Find out which model works best for you today!

Full HD (FHD) vs HD – What Is The Difference?

What exactly is Full HD (FHD) and how is it a step up from High Definition? Read on to see how High Definition and Full High Definition compare and why the newest 14″ CTL Chromebook NL81 series is one of the best and most affordable computer options out there.

Extended Due to Popular Demand – Jamboards up to $2500 off!

Google continues to take the education and enterprise world by storm with the latest technology in Chrome devices like Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, and tablets. But did you know about Google Jamboards and the incredible value it can provide for any work space? For a limited time, save up to $2500 on each Jamboard!

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Empower Tomorrow’s Digital Citizens With These Resources

This year, Digital Citizenship Week runs from October 19-23. In other words, this important period for teaching students about responsible digital platform engagement is fast approaching. But don’t panic! There’s still time to fit some media literacy instruction into your upcoming lesson plans thanks to an assortment of free online resources on the topic.

What is Digital Citizenship?

So, what exactly is “digital citizenship”? And more importantly, how can an educator like you fit it into your regular curriculum?

In short, “digital citizenship” is a way of thinking and acting online that promotes positive, honest, and critical discussions among digital community members. Digital citizenship also involves practicing safe digital routines, including creating secure passwords and carefully sharing private information.

Digital citizenship is designed to empower all internet users to make the most of their time online. Just as traditional citizenship helps build strong communities, digital citizenship can help foster strong online institutions – both in the academic realm and beyond.

An Ounce of Common Sense

As you may have gathered, “digital citizenship” isn’t just a single action. Instead, digital citizenship can be viewed as a mindset that students must learn by engaging several key practices, day after day. To start your students down this prosperous path, numerous education organizations have put together resources geared toward different learning levels.

For example, ILTPP affiliate Common Sense Education has created a variety of curricular resources that can help students take ownership of their digital lives. In particular, Common Sense provides educators for grades 5-18 with age-appropriate activities that students won’t soon forget. Their Implementation Guide can also help you weave digital citizenship into your future lesson plans without any added hassle.

Evaluating Media with Nearpod

A key part of digital citizenship involves the critical evaluation of digital media – especially the kind shared on social media. With that in mind, ILTPP vendor partner Nearpod has worked with a variety of trusted partners to make 400+ learning experiences available to all educators.

In their collection, educators will find lessons on a variety of timely topics, including sourcing online resource, analyzing appropriate behaviors, and fighting cognitive bias. Through these resources, students will also gain the ability to assess their own digital footprint, as well as shut down cyberbullying at its source.

More Resources for Fostering Digital Citizenship

Of course, there are many more fantastic digital citizenship resources out there now. Make plans to celebrate Digital Citizenship Week with free resources from DigCitCommit.

DigCitCommit is a coalition of leading educational organizations who want to make digital citizenship accessible and relevant to all educators, regardless of grade or content focus. In particular, their resources from ISTE, KQED, BrainPop, the National Constitution Center, and the National Writing Project can help jumpstart any classroom’s digital civic engagement.

Be Internet Awesome

Be Internet Awesome is a recent Google-led initiative to empower students to make educated decisions online, both in and out of the classroom. This initiative’s curricular materials focus on teaching students both the knowledge and practical skills needed to be smart, alert, strong, kind, and brave online. Google has even produced a high-quality, interactive adventure that students of numerous grade levels will enjoy.

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About Our Affiliate:

Common Sense Education helps educators find the best edtech tools, learn best practices for teaching with tech, and equip students with the skills they need to think critically and use technology responsibly. Go to Common Sense Education for FREE resources including full reviews of digital tools, ready-made lesson plans, videos, webinars, and more.

CatchOn Premiers New Student-Level Data Module

Many educators already know the power of data when it comes to planning and assessing effective digital instruction. CatchOn has now made it much easier to measure, track, and communicate the data you need with their new integrated module.

This new student-level data module has been designed with educators and administrators in mind. Through its customizable dashboards, you’ll be able to meet and overcome the challenges of remote learning with a fresh, data-driven approach.

Measures of Success

CatchOn’s new module provides an assortment of opportunities to measure students’ digital engagement. This includes the ability to evaluate a student’s involvement in a particular course or assignment, and compare those levels of engagement to pre-established goals.

With this module, users will also be able to evaluate a student’s time on task relative to their time online. To that end, users can quickly determine if a student is efficiently using their digital work time, as shown on the module’s dashboard.

Keeping Students on Track with Tracking

With CatchOn’s new student-level data module at your disposal, you’ll be able to pick up students’ learning trends early on. That’s because this module offers several ways to track student performance over time.

In practice, these tools make it easier to identify emerging trends in student behavior, including fluctuations in attendance or engagement. In turn, these data-driven trends can help support a timely intervention that keeps a student on track for success.

Communicate Plans for the Future

After just a few days in operation, CatchOn users will be able to put data from this new module to productive use. To do that, they can utilize this module’s several reporting tools. These tools can output a variety of reports optimized for an assortment of audiences, including parents and administrators.

Regardless of which educational stakeholders tune into these reports, they’ll find them easy to interpret when it comes time to establish new engagement and performance benchmarks. 

Made with EdTech in Mind

Educational technology staff should take note of this new CatchOn module, as well. That’s because the entire CatchOn platform has been designed with user-friendliness in mind. As a result, new users won’t need an extra workshop to feel confident on CatchOn’s dashboard. The platform can be used to pull usage reports, too, which tech coordinators can use to support key tech policy decisions.

Demo the New CatchOn Module Now

CatchOn’s new student-level data module is available for ILTPP members to demo now! To sign up for this demo, fill out this form or visit CatchOn’s website for more information.

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Dude Solutions Launches Strategic Asset Management Tool for Government & Education

Original Post by Dude Solutions | CARY, N.C. (PRWEB) AUGUST 18, 2020

Cloud-based prediction modeling software helps local governments and educational institutions optimize capital and maintenance spend, as well as improve long-term capital planning based on ISO 55000 standards

Dude Solutions, the leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider of operations management solutions, today announced the addition of a strategic asset management tool, Capital Predictor™, to its connected suite of solutions for local and regional governments and educational institutions. This announcement follows the company’s acquisition of Assetic, the leading strategic asset management software and services firm, and addresses the growing need to increase asset longevity and decrease maintenance and renewal costs.    

Leveraging data to guide decision-making, strategic asset management is a future-focused lifecycle modeling approach that balances budgets, communities’ services needs and asset condition for sustainable facilities and infrastructure into the future. Industry-specific algorithms accurately predict the future condition and service state of an asset portfolio, and help create powerful visualizations that illustrate how different funding strategies would impact assets and service to inform and align stakeholders across roles.

“Organizations, particularly in the public sector, oversee extensive infrastructure and asset portfolios. And as infrastructure ages and the rate of decay increases, budgets are increasingly under significant pressure. There is rarely enough funding to remedy these concerns all at once, which is why it’s critical to be able to understand how best to prioritize spend and to prove the need for additional resources,” said Jodi McDermott, chief product officer, Dude Solutions. “This new addition to our suite of offerings unlocks a powerful solution for operations leaders seeking to compare how various funding scenarios will impact assets in the future, obtain stakeholder buy-in and justify funding requirements.”

Capital Predictor empowers organizations to accurately model the health and service of their assets over a period of five to 100+ years with condition-based lifecycle degradation profiles. This methodology supports the transition from traditional budget-driven decision-making to a data-driven approach that balances community needs, funding requirements and asset health while optimizing short-term capital and maintenance spend. An organization’s chief financial officer can now look beyond the operational three year horizon and into the next 10 to 20 years in accordance with the recommendation from the Institute of Asset Management and Government Finance Officers Association.

“Strategic asset management is the discipline of aligning finance and engineering with the systems and data to improve our communities’ infrastructure in the long term,” said Ashay Prabhu, vice president of strategic asset management at Dude Solutions and Assetic co-founder. “We designed Capital Predictor to help decision makers visualize and strategize into the future in order to efficiently deploy resources at the right time, maintain regulatory compliance and spend precious funding prudently while maintaining appropriate asset service levels.”

Assetic was founded in 2006 in Australia, a country known for its leadership in strategic asset management, and the company has contributed to the development of standards for managing public infrastructure, including ISO 55000 for asset management. By combining Assetic’s expertise with Dude Solutions’ comprehensive and connected suite of operations management software, the company is well positioned to support the growing demand for strategic asset management in the United States and throughout the world.

Learn more about Capital Predictor on the Dude Solutions website and hear from strategic asset management expert, Ashay Prabhu, during a recorded webinar from August 20.

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Request a Free Esports Consult with ByteSpeed

ByteSpeed is extending ILTPP members an exciting offer of free, no-pressure esports consultations through Gravity Gaming!

ByteSpeed’s Gravity Gaming offers Illinois schools and districts US manufactured, high-end, custom-built esports gaming PCs.

Gravity Gaming has numerous partnerships and helpful resources that can help your esports program succeed. Whether you are just starting a new program or trying to grow it, ByteSpeed’s team of gaming experts can suggest customized esports computer hardware to fit your exact needs, recommend trusted resources for esports furniture, jerseys/apparel, mousepads, and more!

  • Professional Advice
  • Industry Resources
  • Esports Program Suggestions

To request a hassle-free, no-pressure consultation with an esports expert, please fill out the linked form with your date/time preferences. Feel free to contact Josh Knutson: or 877-553-0777 or your dedicated account manager below.

Always mention ILTPP when requesting a quote or making an order. Be sure to reference contract number ILTPP-19BS02!

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Boxlight Acquires Sahara Presentation Systems: Including Clevertouch and Sedao Brands

Earlier this week, Boxlight Corporation, an ILTPP interactive technology solutions partner, announced it has acquired Sahara Presentation Systems, PLC. Sahara is a leading AV solutions distributor that manufactures Clevertouch and Sedao products.

Sahara is headquartered in the United Kingdom and manufactures award-winning touchscreens and digital signage products. Formed in 1976 by Kevin and Nigel Batley, Sahara only furthers Boxlight’s ability to serve ILTPP members high-quality, discounted interactive flat panels and digital signage.

“I am very excited about the journey ahead as we join Boxlight, “stated Mark Starkey, CEO at Sahara. “The global footprint and infrastructure of Boxlight, with their experience in delivering comprehensive education technology solutions, paired with our extensive experience and expertise in AV technology and products, will position us to provide our customers across the world with solutions for advanced and collaborative working environments.”

Mark Starkey, CEO at Sahara

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Pitsco Education: You can STEM ANYWHERE!

Resources, considerations, and products to keep you teaching and learning wherever you are.

At school. At home. Remote. Blended. You’re making education happen everywhere. Regardless of your place or format, Pitsco Education has tips, resources, and products to support you and your students. Pitsco is committed to helping teachers adapt to new ways of teaching and keeping students engaged.

Considerations to keep hands on going

Robotics in any setting

Best-in-class products and solutions that can go the distance

For even more ideas and inspiration for the classroom, download Pitsco’s brand-new Elementary STEM and Coding & Robotics catalogs or request a mailed copy.

As a reminder, ILTPP members can get an exclusive 2% off their purchase along with free shipping! Remember to enter promo code AEPA22 during checkout!

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Securly Announces New Clever, Classlink, and OneRoster Integrations

Original Article by Securly

Hear that sound? It’s the sound of millions of teachers applauding. Why? Because Securly Classroom now works with Clever, Classlink, and OneRoster. 

Just in time for the Fall term, Securly Classroom supports class roster integration with Classlink and Clever, as well as any student information system that offers OneRoster endpoints. 

SSO, not SOS

On top of this, Securly Classroom now supports Single Sign-On (SSO) services from both Classlink and Clever, in addition to the existing support for SSO through Google. SSO makes it easy for teachers and administrators to log in. Securly adds Clever and Classlink to the existing Google SSO option, providing the greatest flexibility to meet the needs of all districts.

OneRoster bonus

Securly Classroom’s new OneRoster integration allows districts to pull rosters directly from popular Student Information Systems such as Infinite Campus, Skyward, and others that offer OneRoster endpoint capabilities.

Securly for the win

“Securly Classroom has always synchronized roster data with Google Classroom, Schoology, and Canvas, three of the most popular learning management systems around,” says Jarrett Volzer, General Manager MDM and Classroom Technologies. “Now, with the addition of Classlink, Clever, and OneRoster-compatible SISs, Securly Classroom offers more options for schools to automatically synchronize class rosters than any other classroom management system.”

Class starts when you log in

While some competitors also offer integration options, they still require teachers to manually choose which classes to import before they can start each class. Securly makes them available instantly, so that teachers can begin classes the moment they log in. With Securly Classroom, teachers can start now, not later. 

If you are interested in a free trial of Securly Classroom, contact Securly at or ILTPP’s dedicated account manager below.

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See Updates on G Suite Enterprise for Education Licensing & Savings

Google for Education is now offering an upgrade to your digital learning environment with advanced security controls and enhanced collaboration tools to elevate teaching and learning. 

In 2018, Google introduced a collection of premium tools to support education’s unique and complex needs; G Suite Enterprise for Education. This set of robust tools, includes everything in G Suite for Education (free), plus paid premium features and enhancements.

  • Enhanced security, visibility, and control of data and analytics
  • Empower authentic thinking with unlimited Originality reports
  • Use Meet for enhanced learning and advanced meeting capabilities
  • Enhanced dedicated 24×7 support from product specialists

Choose the Edition That’s Right For Your Institution

Unsure whether to purchase G Suite Enterprise for Education or stick with the current features of G Suite for Education? Compare and contrast features below:

G Suite for Education

Empower learning while getting more time back to focus on your students with flexible, secure, and easy-to-use tools that are free and built for education. Google for Education is committed to continuing to build and iterate the tools within G Suite for Education, and are also committed to it remaining free for schools.

G Suite Enterprise for Education

G Suite Enterprise for Education includes all the features in G Suite for Education, plus premium tools like enhanced security, more control, and robust video meetings. Google for Education offers full-domain and partial domain licenses. Please note these are not site-wide licenses. Check out the details in the next section to learn more.

How Much Will it Cost?

*G Suite Enterprise for Education licenses will remain complimentary for students (FDL ONLY) if the following conditions are met:

  • The faculty/staff-to-student ratio of licensing must be 1:10 or less. Please speak with your rep if you need to request an exception to the license formula or 1:10 ratio.
  • As long as all faculty and staff continue to have G Suite Enterprise for Education accounts.
  • Faculty and staff defined as any individual who is full-time or part-time faculty or staff (student workers and graduate assistants are excluded). 

**Existing quotes generated on or before October 31, 2020 need to be transacted by October 31, 2020 in order to take advantage of the promotional pricing.

***Important: G Suite Enterprise for Education “Full-domain” is licensed on a per user basis. It is not equivalent to a “Site License” where every user in your domain is automatically granted an Enterprise license. Please carefully review the number of users you would like to assign a license to, in order to ensure they receive access to the premium functionality.

2020 Chrome Education Upgrade Services Offer

Google for Education is currently providing a unique services offer until 9/30/2020 for all US or Canada-based K-12 districts interested in buying Chromebooks, Chrome Education Upgrades, and or G Suite Enterprise for Education in 2020.

ILTPP vendor partners offering discounted G Suite Enterprise for Education licensing under contract:

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