Announcing the Summer Microsoft Imagine Academy Webinar Series

This summer, the Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program (ILTPP), Learning Technology Center of Illinois (LTC), and Microsoft are partnering to offer Illinois K-12 educators, administrators, and technology staff a webinar series focused on growing Microsoft Imagine Academy skills and resources within your school district. Each webinar will be presented by one or more Microsoft Program Representatives.

Upcoming Imagine Academy Events

  • July 21: K-12 Data Sheet
    • In this fast-paced session, tune in to learn about all of Microsoft’s no-cost resources available to K-12 institutions, including content for teaching STEM, digital literacy, and AI student competitions.
      Learn more here.
  • July 28: MSIA Overview
    • Looking to earn a Microsoft certification? Interested in helping your students do the same? This session can help you take the first step!
      Learn more here.
  • August 4: Microsoft Learn
    • In this session, learn about Microsoft’s free online learning platform for technology curriculum and certifications, with current content geared toward students, educators, and even IT professionals.
      Learn more here.
  • August 11: Minecraft EDU
    • Time to take your classroom’s favorite game to the next level! This Microsoft session will cover readily available worlds, lessons, and professional development resources for Minecraft: Education Edition.
      Learn more here.
  • August 18: MakeCode
    • In this session, educators can learn about Microsoft MakeCode and how it can be utilized to bring computer science to life for all students.
      Learn more here.

Contact your dedicated Account Manager:

Justin Libis
Account Executive

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Get a Jump on Summer Tech Planning: Trafera Has Chromebooks!

Get a jump start on your summer technology planning with in-stock Chromebooks: Available NOW at Trafera!

Kickstart your summer prep with HP Chromebooks currently stocked and available to ship from Trafera! Trafera has thousands of devices in the company’s warehouse and they are ready to ship to your school immediately upon purchase. Also, receive a 15-month subscription to Trails Digital Lesson Library when you buy 100 Chromebooks or more.

Mention ILTPP for Additional Discounts & Perks

  • Gain direct access to your own dedicated, US-based Trafera Account Manager
  • FREE Chromebook technical assistance from Trafera Engineers
  • FREE Benefit Claiming Assistance – Find and take advantage of free offers such as professional development, software, and setup services
  • Access to FREE Trafera TRAILS, online Professional Development
  • Customizable Deployment Solutions – Pre-enroll devices in your G Suite domain, pre-configure Wi-Fi settings, assign devices to particular Organizational Units (OUs), divide shipments by OU, add asset tags or laser etching, pre-wire charging carts, install devices in protective cases, reduce waste with Green Pack “green” shipping services, or any other custom solutions you desire.

Be sure to reference contract number ILTPP-TRA2103-2 to access the contract highlights listed above.

Contact your dedicated Account Manager:

Tim Peters
Account Manager

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Measure Student Engagement Activity to the Minute

CatchOn is a powerful data analytics tool that provides administrators insight into their district technology investments, integration, and adoption. Recently, the company announced its Active Window Feature, allowing districts to begin tracking student-level engagement activity to the minute.

This insightful view reveals how many minutes within each engagement students are actively using the application(s) open on their device’s active window. This feature is currently available on Chrome devices only.

See a Student’s Weekly Activity

  • Measure students’ weekly active engagement time
  • Identify in school and out of school online engagement to the minute
  • Attain a high-level overview of student weekly activity per application and see the most applications used with accurate activity times

Track Usage and Engagements Per Application

  • Determine how many times students engaged with an assigned application throughout the day
  • Monitor activity to the minute
  • Utilize student engagement and active window measurements to identify best practices and learning behavior patterns that may require intervention

Leverage Application Statistics to Help Identify Gaps in Engagement and Learning

  • Discover patterns in student engagement and activity
  • Identify changes in activity levels in real-time
  • Compare engagements weekly to assure continuity of learning
  • Tag applications to identify program and subject tracking
  • View application profiles to identify trending statistics and district approval

Would you like to see how Catchon works? Fill out the form on this page for a quick meeting! Mention contract number ILTPP-19ENA01 for contract pricing.

Contact your dedicated Account Manager

Caitlyn Brown
Customer Success Manager

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NEW CDW Amplified Workspace Services: Little SIS & Gopher Pack

On March 16, 2021, CDW announced the acquisition of Amplified IT. This has not only allowed the company to expand its services and solutions even further into education, it has also provided ILTPP members the opportunity to access contract pricing on leading Google services, solutions, and software.

CDW Amplified Workspace Services now offers a full lifecycle of services that can support your school district no matter where you are in your Google journey. Two new featured services include Gopher Pack and Little SIS.

Gopher Pack Features:

  • Gopher for Chrome premium
    • Query, import, and bulk update Chrome device OUs, asset ID, notes, and assigned users in the admin. panel
    • Import and update devices from barcode scans of Asset ID or SN
    • Capture user sessions that include username, local & public IP address, start time, and session duration in minutes
    • And more
  • Gopher for Users
    • Bulk user management superpowers in Google Sheets
    • Create users from mapped CSV exports
    • Reset and distribute student passwords to staff
    • Delete users
    • Update user properties, directory fields
  • Gopher for Gmail
    • An administrative task-master for Google inboxes
    • Claw back emails after phishing attacks, FERPA breaches, or inappropriate sends
    • Use Gmail Log Search results to target and delete unwanted emails from user inboxes

Little SIS Features:

  • Explore Classes
    • Delegated access to explore and review Google Classroom classes across all teachers within the domain
  • Support Teachers
    • View domain-wide Google classroom rosters while empowering and supporting teachers.  Use Student Collections to view, monitor, and analyze classwork performance
  • Gain Usage Insights
    • Spot patterns across teachers, campuses, and classes and track Classroom usage
  • Take Bulk or Granular actions
    • Perform critical action on Google classroom classes like adding and managing co-teachers or archiving and deleting classes


Please log into the ILTPP member center and navigate to the CDW-G page to view pricing. Or, log into your CDW-G account at

Contact your dedicated Account Manager:

John Buttita
Sales Manager

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Dude Solutions Summer Promotional Pricing

Dude Solutions, Inc. (DSI) is offering time-limited promotional pricing as set forth below. This promotional pricing is in addition to the discounts available under AEPA Contract #020-D for Facility Management Software.

Multi-Product Subscription Bundling Discount

DSI is offering a discount to the list price when a client begins multiple subscriptions in a single transaction as per the schedule below. The discounted rate will be effective for the length of the Initial Term (as defined in DSI’s Order Form) of the subscription set forth in DSI’s Order Form. After the Initial Term, the subscription rate will renew at the current
catalog price. Promotional pricing is available for Order Forms issued on or after June 4, 2021, and expires on August 31, 2021.

Eligible Products:

  • Asset Essentials
  • Energy Manager
  • Event Manager
  • SmartGov (Government Only)
  • Capital Predictor
  • Technology Essentials

Discount Structure

An additional 15-20% discount. Contact your dedicated Account Manager below for more information on packaged eligible subscriptions.

Existing Clients

  • For current Subscribers, existing subscriptions will be considered in the calculation for discount structure for new subscriptions.
  • No discounts will apply to such existing subscriptions regardless of purchase date.

Asset Essentials Standard Implementation

DSI may waive the fee for Asset Essentials Standard Implementation and AE Parts Standard Implementation for purchase of Asset Essentials subscription for Order Forms issued on or after June 4, 2021, and accepted on or before June 30, 2021.

Vendor Delivered Services

DSI is offering promotional pricing on vendor delivered services:

An 8%-15% discount to list price for Facility Condition Assessment. Contact your dedicated Account Manager below for more information on terms of purchase.

Promotional pricing is available for Order Forms issued on or after June 4, 2021, and expires on August 31, 2021, and work must be started by September 30, 2021, to be eligible.

Education Facility Condition Assessment services included:

  • FCA – Standard Permanent Structures
  • Finger Plan School (FPSFCA) (California Style Exterior Corridors)
  • Modulars (MSFCA) or Portable Classroom Structures
  • FCA – Parking Deck (ParDeck)

Government Facility Condition Assessment services included:

  • Government Facility Condition Assessment – FCA
  • Parking Deck Facility Condition Assessment – ParDeck
  • Facility Condition Assessment – Add’l Square Footage (FCAadd)

Contact your dedicated Account Manager for more information and mention Contract Number ILTPP-AEPA 020-D for discounts.

Contact your dedicated Account Manager:

John White
Senior Sales Manager

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Beware of Counterfeit Chargers & Batteries

Chargers and batteries are critical to sustaining any 1:1 Chromebook program. Be sure your school is only purchasing authentic, UL-certified parts with an extended warranty.

What is an authentic part?

An authentic part is OEM original or equivalent. Authentic parts should also bear the UL Mark. This means the part has been evaluated and meets the appropriate Standard for Safety under Underwriter Laboratories.

What is a counterfeit part?

A counterfeit part, also known as a generic part, is made with substandard components that fail to meet basic safety requirements. Is a reclaimed, refurbished, or B-grade part a counterfeit or generic part? Not necessarily! A reclaimed part can still be an authentic UL-certified part. In fact, if you are looking for cost savings, purchasing authentic reclaimed parts is a great way to do just that.

What do counterfeit parts look like?

Don’t let an OEM logo or UL mark fool you—counterfeit parts can look near identical to an authentic part in label and form. In fact, you can’t always distinguish an authentic part from a counterfeit part.

However, there are a few tell-tale signs a part is counterfeit. Look closely at the label. Counterfeit products can have phony printed logos, text, and in some cases, typos. If something looks off, chances are it is. The only foolproof method to verify a part’s authenticity is for a thorough and rigorous inspection of the part which includes label inspection and mechanical testing.

What is so dangerous about counterfeit parts?

While it may seem like a good way to cut costs, the risks of a generic part far outweigh the benefits. Since counterfeit parts are made with substandard components, they pose a potential health and safety risk to students and teachers. Substandard components are more prone to
overheating. Overheated parts can damage your equipment. More importantly, these substandard parts pose an immediate fire and burn risk and hazard.

How do I ensure I receive authentic parts from my Chromebook supplier?

The only way to guarantee your school receives authentic parts is to purchase Chromebook parts from a supplier that only sells UL-certified authentic parts. If you aren’t sure, ask your provider. How they respond matters—there should immediately know their parts are authentic.

Does AGParts Education sell UL-certified authentic parts?

Yes, AGParts Education only sells UL-certified authentic parts that are OEM original or equivalent. All parts, whether new or reclaimed, are UL certified and safe for your students and teachers to use.

How does AGParts Education know they only sell authentic UL-certified parts?

Every AGParts Chromebook part completes a rigorous three-step inspection process to verify its authenticity. If a part fails any part of the process, AGParts doesn’t sell it—period.

The process is:

  1. Label inspection – verify OEM logo, matching OEM part numbers, UL Mark, clear text, and no typos.
  2. Testing – AGParts tests the following for each type of part:
    a. Batteries – volts, amps, and cycle counts of charge.
    b. Chargers – volts and amps under load.
  3. Internal component inspection – verify industry-standard construction, authentic OEM identifiers, and safety compliant materials.

Do I still need a warranty if I purchase authentic parts?

Absolutely! Chargers and batteries are high-failure commodities. Adapters take a beating through student use and batteries often weaken because devices are constantly plugged in. Most vendors offer a 90-day or 120-day warranty. This simply is not enough time for the wear and tear these parts see! AGParts Education offers a one-year warranty on both adapters and batteries.

Remember that lowest price doesn’t mean lowest lifetime cost. Check the fine print! Make sure the parts you order are authentic, and that the vendor stands behind their parts with an extended warranty. This ensures your school really is getting the best deal—not a deal that will turn into stealing more money out of your technology budget.

Be sure to mention ILTPP Contract Number 20180402 at checkout to identify yourself as an ILTPP member. This will provide you top, pre-negotiated pricing for additional savings.

Contact your dedicated Account Manager

Ken Wiltz
Sales Executive
844-706-5084 x 127

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NEW Exhibit E-Service for Illinois Districts

Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program (ILTPP) valued partner, LearnPlatform is offering a new service to help Illinois school districts complete Exhibit Es and DPA documents for SOPPA compliance.

For current and future customers, LearnPlatform will provide a brand new service to send over Exhibit E’s for any existing DPA’s that you select (from a list of those already in Illinois) via DocuSign. You can utilize LearnPlatform’s usage tools to determine which tools need DPA’s, then inform LearnPlatform on which you would like the company to send to you. LearnPlatform will automatically seek them out, send them to you for signature, and distribute a copy to the vendor on record. A copy will also be uploaded to your LearnPlatform public-facing site for SOPPA compliance.

The cost is $4800 until June 30, 2021, and it includes the notation of 50 products that your district is currently using. To learn more about this service, please contact your dedicated Account Manager below and mention contract number ILTPP-20L03.

Contact your dedicated Account Manager:

Districts >5,000 Students
Rob Residori
Director of Partnerships
(773) 273-9419

Districts <5,000 Students
Hillary Simons
District Analyst
(860) 933-4091

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Get 3D Immersed at the 2021 SHI Education Summit

The Second Annual Education Summit by SHI is a two-day virtual event on June 15 and 16, 2021, that brings together innovators, industry experts, and scholars who care deeply about education to explore key topics, including:

  • Grant Funding
  • STEM and CTE
  • Remote and Digital Learning
  • Esports
  • Space Design

SHI has been supporting the education sector for over 30 years, providing schools with advanced technology while helping IT departments construct safe and secure modern infrastructures. Leveraging their teams of experts, SHI has enabled thousands of K-12 and higher education institutions in their efforts to help students develop a passion for learning and educators a passion for teaching.

Join SHI as the company continues its commitment to enhancing technology for classrooms and curricula to keep students and educators engaged, safe, and successful.

Contact your dedicated Account Manager:

Kyle Thomas
SM SLED Manager

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How AI is Being Used to Measure Learning Loss

ITsavvy is now offering ILTPP members a free, 30-day trial license for Moby.Read. This new innovative software uses AI to help schools understand if and when there has been learning loss or unfinished learning among their student body. Moby.Read provides data to teachers around which students are struggling and need additional guidance.

Teacher input is not required to maximize Moby.Read’s AI. The tool itself does not require teacher training while providing easy-to-use automation for administration and scoring. Moby.Read moves traditional oral reading fluency testing into a new paradigm through its use of AI, Voice Technology, and Auto-Scoring.

Is Your District Eligible?

Contact ITsavvy directly at info@itsavvy to check! Mention contract number 20ITS01 to access pre-negotiated contract pricing.

Contact your dedicated Account Manager:

Matthew Butler
Client Executive Public Sector

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IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Partnership with CatchOn

TrustEd Apps program helps district leaders and educators make informed decisions on digital learning products.

LAKE MARY, Florida, 25 May 2021 (from Catchon) — IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS Global/IMS), the world-leading non-profit collaborative advancing edtech and learning impact, announced today that IMS Contributing Member CatchOn is the first preferred partner providing live TrustEd Apps data to school districts through the CatchOn platform.

The IMS TrustEd Apps program for student data privacy is a collaboratively developed process to proactively guide and support institutions and edtech suppliers in secure data use, collection, and sharing.

Through TrustEd Apps, IMS independently vets the policies of hundreds of edtech companies annually to determine their level of support for student data privacy. The rigorous app vetting process uses an easy-to-understand rubric designed and approved by IMS member organizations as an open standard. IMS provides support and training to help suppliers improve their data privacy policies and practices. Suppliers providing evidence that they meet the requirements earn IMS Global’s Data Privacy certification. IMS also provides support and training to member school districts to become certified in the TrustEd Apps process.

Data Privacy certifications and vetting results appear in the IMS Product Directory at

As a TrustEd Apps Preferred Partner, CatchOn brings the IMS data privacy rubric results and regulatory compliance information directly to teachers and administrators through its platform.

Leveraging CatchOn’s data analytics, school districts can see the apps and online tools their students and teachers use on their school devices, both inside and outside the school building. To help districts simplify their privacy vetting process and further safeguard student data, CatchOn’s new privacy badging identification feature enables users to quickly see if an application currently holds the IMS TrustEd Apps Seal, including FERPA, COPPA, and GDPR compliance. This new privacy feature will also allow IMS member districts to access its IMS data privacy rubric results and regulatory compliance information.

“IMS developed TrustEd Apps to improve data privacy practices and transparency in educational technology,” said Dr. Rob Abel, chief executive officer, IMS Global Learning Consortium. “CatchOn’s TrustEd Apps preferred partnership means that school districts can better serve their teachers, parents, and students through easier access to student data privacy information backed by the ongoing collaboration among hundreds of school districts and suppliers in IMS.”

“CatchOn is honored to be IMS Global Learning Consortium’s first preferred partner providing TrustEd Apps data to school districts through our data analytics platform,” said Monica Cougan, CatchOn’s Manager of Strategic Relationships and Initiatives. “With the exponential growth in the number of devices and digital tools being used to facilitate and support learning, ensuring students’ and staff members’ data is protected is critical. Through this partnership, CatchOn and IMS Global are providing districts an additional layer of security to their current compliance practices while simultaneously streamlining their data privacy management efforts.”

Would you like to see how Catchon works? Fill out the form on this page for a quick meeting! Mention contract number ILTPP-19ENA01 for contract pricing.

Contact your dedicated Account Manager

Caitlyn Brown
Customer Success Manager

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