Duane Shaffer

Smiling Duane ShafferDirector of Technology

Morrison Community USD 6

About Me:

Duane Shaffer is currently the Director of Technology for the Morrison School District. He brings 12 years of special education teaching experience and 3 years as a technology leader into the education technology realm, dedicating much of his time to ensure every staff member and student in his district has the appropriate access and tools necessary for a safe and meaningful education. Duane believes that no matter the skill level of the user, technology can be an invaluable part of not only education, but everyday life, and it’s crucial that schools are able to provide challenging and engaging educational experiences with technology to equip students with the skills necessary to become highly successful and productive citizens.

Contact Me:

Email:      duane.shaffer@morrisonschools.org

Phone:     (815) 275-9242