Microsoft- Select Plus Agreement

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Contract Number S7609976
Contract Duration 12/28/2014 - 06/28/2035
Renewals 2

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How to Order

Contact reseller of your choice; CDWG, JourneyEd or SHI.

Reference Contract number “40001” on all CDW-G Microsoft software orders.

Reference Contract Number “20151009” on all CDW-G Microsoft device orders.

Reference Contract number “ILTPP” on all orders.

Reference Contract number “ILTPP” on all SHI orders.

Credit Cards Accepted
Delivery Terms May elect with Reseller to spread payments over three years rather than pay in a lump sum.
Payment Terms Net 30


Solicitation Type
Solicitation Announcement
Contract Microsoft- Select Plus Agreement Contract.pdf

Contact Awards

Resellers CDWG JourneyED SHI
Manufacturers Covered Microsoft